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Proper industrial compressed air installation is the key to attaining mechanical and financial success from effective air solutions for your business. It is one thing to purchase the correct compressed air equipment you require for your facility, yet having the equipment installed correctly is just as important. Don't let installation compromise your company's performance - trust our air solutions experts.

relocating to a new facility

Work closely with us as you relocate to a new facility and move your existing air compressors and equipment. Our expert team, equipped with custom-fitted installation and delivery trucks, have the necessary licenses and expertise to ensure a safe and professional installation process.


We understand that compressed air is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our installers have extensive experience with various compressed air piping and airline installation materials such as poly pipe, aluminium piping, stainless steel piping, and copper piping. We can provide options that best suit your specific compressed air system needs.

turnkey reinstallation

We also can relocate your compressed air system either within the same site or to a new site. Our turnkey reinstallation and commissioning services cover most compressor brands and compressed air equipment.

The Importance of Quality Installation

Installation of compressed air equipment installation is often underestimated in terms of its impact on the long-term operation and cost of your air compressor system. Often, leaks due to poor installation or incorrect piping systems for the application result in expenses totalling more than the entire system installation within 10 years!

Through compressed air audits, Focus Industrial has found compressed air systems with as much as 60% non-productive air demand through air leaks. This means that 60% of the production by the compressors is wasted, and sent straight back into the atmosphere, resulting in a significant waste of power costs


Check out our Air COmpressor Installation process

At Focus Industrial, we know the negative impact that improperly designed and installed compressed air systems can have on your business for efficiency and reliability. This is why we have structured our unique customer experience and satisfaction process around ensuring efficiency and reliability. From the initial contact to our on-site analysis to our design recommendations, we take into account critical factors such as:

By listening to our customer’s pain points and challenges, we provide and exceed a solution for each. Through this process, we have helped many clients save money, time, and frustration with our expertise, providing a correctly sized, reliable, and efficient compressed air solution. 

No client is too big or too small; we would love to explore how we can benefit and assist you with your compressed air requirements.

Our Process3
Mobile Our Process

Air flow requirement

Air pressure requirement at furthest point from the compressor

Nominal pressure drop in entire system

Air Purity Level requirements

Continual or periodic compressed air usage

Fixed speed, variable speed or variable speed dual stage suitability

Maintenance requirements of new system

Immediate and long term benefits or recommended system

Step 1

Explore and understand customer requirements

Step 2

Consult and engineer the most efficient solution for customer and submit proposal

Step 3

Establish and commit to project timeline

Step 4

Pre-commission and test run all equipment

At machinery life end
return to beginning of cycle

Step 5

Complete project installation with onsite commissioning and training

Step 6

After sales service and routine maintenace

check out our recent projects to see our compressors in action

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