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Calculate your ROI and Savings when you Switch from Nitrogen Packs to Compressed Air

How many laser cutting machines do you have?*
How many packs of nitrogen do you consume / month? *
What is the cost per pack, including delivery and monthly rental?*
Your average monthly nitrogen costs for laser cutting is:
Your ROI by investing in high pressure compressed air is approximately:

Other benefits of the high pressure compressed air cutting includes:

  • Air is always available on-demand, meaning if the gas company hasn’t arrived or is delayed you can continue operating
  • No downtime without packs needing to be swapped over
  • Increased safety with a fixed asset that eliminates the need for delivery trucks and forklifts on site.
  • Fixed cost for cutting. The compressor asset has an average life span as long as 10 years!

How much power
could you save?

What is often overlooked is the cost to run compressed air. Compressed air with a standard fixed speed compressor costs on average $500 / hp each year. This means if you run a 100hp fixed speed compressor in your operation this could be costing you $50,000 / year in power costs!

By replacing aged, inefficient, and incorrectly sized Compressors with more efficient, correctly sized new technology compressors, we can save up to 45% of the power costs of your compressed air. 

Fill out the form below to receive your Energy Consumption Savings Estimate and find out your potential savings by upgrading to a New Variable Air Compressor.

Energy Consumption Estimate

What size Compressor do I need?

Select your Industry*
It is important to calculate the maximum amount of equipment you will use at any one time in your factory. For example, every piece of machinery may have a blow gun for cleaning however they will never all be used at the same time as operating the other equipment.
Small CNC Machine
Large CNC Machine
Board Storage Unit
Small Edgebander
Large Edgebander
Hinge Press
Blow Gun
Nozzel size No. 2
Nozzel size No. 3
Nozzel size No. 4
Nozzel size No. 5
Nozzel size No. 6
Nozzel size No. 7
Nozzel size No. 8
Air Fed Blasting Helmet
Small Reverse Pulse Dust Extractor
Gravity Fed Spray Gun
Large Reverse Pulse Dust Extractor
Suction Feed Spray Pot
Bridge Saw
Mitre Saw
5 Axis CNC Machine
Automatic Edge Polishing Machine
Water Silo with Compaction
Water Jet
Vacuum Lifter
Hand Polisher Air Tool
Hand Cutter Air Tool - 5" Diameter
Hand Cutter Air Tool - 7" Diameter
Spray Booth
Mixing Room
Air Fed Mask
Orbital Sander
Die Grinder
Belt Sander
Spot Weld Drill
Impact Wrench
Air Hammer
Wratechet Wrench
Air Hack Saw
Plasma Cutter
Die Grinder
5" Air Grinder
7" Air Grinder
Spray Gun
Orbital Sander
Belt Sander
1/2" Impact Wrench
3/4" Impact Wrench
Ratchet Wrench
Tyre Buffer
Tyre Changer
Tyre balancer (With pneumatic lift)
Pneumatic Jack
Air Drill
1/2" Impact Wrench
3/4" Impact Wrench
1" impact Wrench
Tyre Inflator
 Total CFM
Note: These figures are an estimation based on several brands of equipment. For an accurate figure an on site consultation should be done with the specific machinery models being calculated.
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