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3 Market Leading Components of SB Premium Rotary Screw Compressor

From $60.00* per week, you could own your own SB Premium Series Rotary Screw Compressor.

Compressed air receiver tank by Focus Industrial in NSW

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Focus Industrial is offering custom finance packages for our range of SB Series Tank Mounted Compressors for a trouble-free and efficient purchasing and installation process.

The Premium Italian Made SB tank mounted range integrates 3 vital components in one machine to become the most reliable, premium, and efficient machine in the industry today:

SB Series group range photo

1. Italian Manufactured Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Housed in protective and sound proofing cabinet. Using the Italian VMC Air End and associated VMC valves and fittings, only the highest quality components are installed during the manufacturing process. This in turn eliminates premature failure or wearing of any components and further reduces the risk of unplanned maintenance.

The frustration of a breakdown and being unable to utilise staff to their capacity is reduced to almost nil by not only using only the most premium components, but also backed by our extensive knowledge of every machine function and alarm and the guaranteed rapid response time to any enquiry. Sound control inside the machine by modifying the pump rotor capacity allows clients to achieve not only high levels of reliability but also very low levels of noise. Due to this innovation in the manufacturing, standard conversation can be held next to the air compressor under full load. The Air Compressor is the first component in the combination unit.

Did you know – you can own an SB Series Compressor for $60.00+ per week. Touch base with Focus Compressors for an obligation free quote on 1800 763 883.

2. Refrigerated Air Dryer

The Italian manufactured and efficiently sized Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer is the second component included in the SB Series combination unit. With moisture in compressed air being one of the most damaging and expensive forms of damages in compressed air systems, the air dryer is detrimental to an efficient and reliable compressed air system.

Operating at 5-degree dewpoint, the warm compressed air discharged by the air compressor is rapidly cooled to 5 degrees, turning the water vapour into a water droplet through condensation. Once the condensation occurs, the water can be filtered from the compressed air and discharged from the system through the extended drainage tube. Using a Focus Compressed Air Dryer to prevent damage to vital equipment such as an Edgebander, CNC, Laser Cutter or even the air motor of your air tools, is the most reliable and efficient method of moisture removal and a must have. From the Refrigerated Air Dryer, the system flows into the third, just as important, component of the combination unit.

3. Compressed Air Receiver Tank

The final stage of the integrated unit is the compressed air receiver and this component acts as a buffer between the compressed air system and the point of the air supply, the Air Compressor. The Focus SB tank mounted range of compressors ensures the compressed air passes through the air dryer prior to being stored in the air receiver. This allows for the storage of dry compressed air for two main reasons:

  • The life span of the air receiver will be largely increased as there will be no rust build up or corrosion from the inside,
  • Any large bursts of air required within the customers factory will be supplied immediately with dry and clean air from the buffer tank instead of moisture filled compressed air having to pass through the drying process when it is required immediately in the factory.


With reliability playing a large part in customer peace of mind and loyalty, Focus Industrial has ensured only the most premium components are included in the manufacturing process. Knowing only quality is used, we back the entire machine with our 5 Year / 10,000h Warranty. This warranty does not cover just the pump and/or motor as per most suppliers, but the whole machine excluding only consumable items. 

With over 250 Air Compressors in stock currently, we have your back, and would love to take on the responsibility for your compressed air system and to remove the headaches and frustration of an unreliable and inefficient compressed air supply. Offering unbeatable after sales service and supply, our team works to ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. 

Our installation team can handle any compressed air install, no matter how large or how small. We offer delivery and install, generally within 3-5 days of the purchase, and same/next day for urgent installation. 

Reach out today to see how we can help you set up with reliable, efficient, and backed equipment to ensure your compressed air supply never leaves you feeling deflated.

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