Focus Pneumatics – ACD-RM Series- Remote Mounted- Zero Loss – Condensate Drain

Remote Mounted- Condensate Drain

46-1270 cfm (1303-35962 L/min)

Condensate can be destructive to your equipment.

Airborne particles, water vapour, microbes and chemical gases enter compressors. 

After compression has taken place these contaminants become concentrated and more destructive.

Air Filters remove these contaminants, giving you instrument quality air.  

  • 16bar (232 psi) Operating Pressure
  • 0.005-1 Micron Particulate Removal
  • 0.008-04 ppm Max Oil Carry Over
  • 1.6-65°C Operating Temperature
  • Indiviual Filter Elements are available
  • Optional Differential Pressure Gauge

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