Vertical Air receiver tanks

150-5200 L Capacity

Built and Designed in Australia, Custom Sizes Available.

Vertical Air Receiver Tanks are essential to every Compressed Air System.

They act as a buffer and storage medium between the Air Compressed and Consumption System.

Air Receiver Tanks are much more than just buffers, they also:

  • Reduce excessive Compressor cycling
  • Eliminating pulsations from discharge line
  • Collecting condensate and water, found after the Compressor
  • Reducing energy costs by minimising excessive starting of the Compressor Motor
  • Lower the the dewpoint and limit temperature spikes


Vertical Air Receiver Tanks are designed to store compressed air. Volume is dependant on the compressors capacity and the amount of air being consumed.
The supply of pressure vessel includes:

  • Anti-corrosion protection with basic colour painting and final painting
  • ASME- Certificate
  • Supporting Legs
  • Connections for optimal equipment

Specifications & extras:


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