FOCUS PNEUMATICS PBS SERIES Base Mounted Rotary Screw Compressors

BASED MOUNTED Rotary Screw Compressor

75-180HP (55-130kW)

Compressed Air for Large Industrial Operations

The PBS series base mounted compressor deliver cutting edge for large scale industrial applications.

Our focus on quality engineering has resulted in machines that deliver consistent operating pressures that incorporating energy saving technology.

Available with pressure option from 8-10bar, the PBS Series will deliver quality compressed air even in the most demanding of environments. 

PBS-750 Specifications

  • 75 hp (55 kW) Motor Power
  • 8-10 bar (116, 145 psi) Operating Pressure
  • 290-346 cfm (8200-9800 L/min) Free Air Delivery 

PBS-1000 Specifications

  • 100 hp (75 kW) Motor Power
  • 8-10 bar (116, 145 psi) Operating Pressure
  • 371-445 cfm (10500-12600 L/min) Free Air Delivery 

PBS-1250 Specifications

  • 125 hp (90 kW) Motor Power
  • 8-10 bar (116, 145 psi) Operating Pressure
  • 473-562 cfm (13400-15900 L/min) Free Air Delivery 

PBS-1500 Specifications

PBS-1500 Specifications

  • 150 hp (110 kW) Motor Power
  • 8-10 bar (116, 145, 188 psi) Operating Pressure
  • 604-710 cfm (17100-20100 L/min) Free Air Delivery 

PBS-1800 Specifications

  • 180 hp (132 kW) Motor Power
  • 8-10 bar (116, 145,psi) Operating Pressure
  • 669-777 cfm (18900-22000 L/min) Free Air Delivery 


Designed for operations that need 100% pressure 100% of the time.

The PBS Series offers operating pressures from 116-145psi (08-10bar), are designed and built to provide efficient and reliable compressed air over a long service life where required flow rates exceed 225 cfm (6350 L/min). 

Backed up with Focus Industrial’s 24/7 Technical Support we deliver your business with high quality compressed air you can rely on.

Designed for easy access:

1. Suction Filter: Removes the smallest particles of dust and particulate, the large surface area promotes a long service life and minimal pressure drop.

2. Screw Compressor Element: The lubricated single stage elements are built to deliver excellent efficiency and unrivaled reliability.

3. Radial Fan: Generates high flow of cooling air while maintaining low noise levels.

4. Air/Oil Radiator: Sized to ensure optimum working temperatures in any environment while being easy to clean/maintain. 

5. Air/Oil Separator: The exclusive cyclone technology guarantees a pre-separation efficiency of more than 99.9%

6. Condensate Separator Filter: Installed after the radiator allowing for high quality output air.

7. Independant Cooling Fan: Installed on the Variable Speed (PBS-V) Models, allows for cooling across a wide range of operating speeds and increases air flow capability.  

Specifications & extras:

  • 10,000 Hour or 5 Year Warranty 
  • Manufactured in Italy 


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