Hot Weather spells disaster for Lysaght.

BlueScope’s 24/7 Reliability with Focus Industrial.

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Businesses can be given bad advice or think they have gotten a good deal on a second hand compressor and it bites them in the back pocket.

When your main site compressor and the backup die on a 43°C Friday afternoon, is when only the best service can get you back on your feet and this is what Focus Industrial did for Bluescope Lysaght.

Crisis Strikes before the weekend

Compressed Air is absolutely essential to keeping any manufacturing plant operational. This is what the team at Bluescope Lysaght discovered the hard way in December 2016.  Focus Industrial had recently approached Bluescope to take on the maintenance of their four compressors at Penrith.  When on a 43°C day in early December their two older compressors in the factory broke down leaving the plant in limbo.  After trying to contact the two other service companies that were currently maintaining the compressors, with no luck. Focus Industrial answered their call for help.  Our Technicians were onsite until 11pm that night pulling out every stop to revive the old and tired compressors onsite while keeping the factory temporarily operational with a backup Compressor.

A handshake deal saves the day

With the hours running on deep into the night and the site manager unable to leave until the site was running again. 

We crunched the numbers on the cost and time to rebuild the tired old and inefficient compressors and determined it was best to replace the machines.  

With our onsite technicians expertise and a phone call to Senior management  we made a handshake deal the spot to have a brand new larger Variable Speed Drive Compressor brought to site by 5am the next morning to have the site running on its own compressor again. 

This is the family guaranteed Service of putting the customer first to solve a massive loss of downtime for what is now a lifelong customer.

04. Choosing the wrong Operating environment

Now four years since their first energy efficient compressor has been installed with over 22000hrs on the compressor. Bluescope Lysaght have since upgraded another tired old compressor from factory with a larger Variable Speed Drive compressor and invested in their own Portable Diesel Compressor which can be transported around the plant for 100% Backup even if the power goes out. BlueScope’s investment with Focus Industrial has proven to be the best compressed air partnership they have had not only for the unmatched after sales service and maintenance on their Compressed air systems but also for the now $8000 / quarter power saving they have had since the site compressors have been upgraded to in the past 4 years. The cost of the compressors have already been paid off by the power savings alone. 


Lysaght’s Processing Sites within NSW have upgraded their compressors through Focus Industrial including Smithfield and Canberra.

Bluescope Lysaght have a life long partnership with Focus Industrial and  total confidence and dependence in our Company.


To reduce your plant power costs or  to discuss how we can partner with your company, paired with our premium service get in contact with Focus Industrial and speak with one of Compressed Air Specialists.

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