Seamless and pain free complete installation

Seamless and pain free complete installation

Processing Facility in Ingleburn, NSW




Ingleburn, Sydney

Project Details:

This recent installation consisted of a new Focus 75kw VSD Screw compressor with refrigerated dryer, air receiver and multistage inline filtration.

Our customer was running an Atlas Copco VSD compressor 37kw and needed to upgrade to a much larger machine due to increased demand. After a Consumption Audit taking into consideration the additional machinery planned to be added to the facility a 75kw VSD compressor was selected to be the most efficient and effective solution. The Atlas Copco compressor was put into the backup position leaving the Focus Industrial Screw Compressor to run the facility solo.

Sure press stainless steel press crimp piping was used to install the equipment and connect into the existing piping inside the facility. Running a 24hr operation requires continuous reliability and so this customer opted for the Focus Industrial compressor with a standard 5 year warranty backed with a 5 year service plan.

The specialised printing and packaging machines require clean constant pressure compressed air which required a two stage high efficiency inline filters and refrigerated dryer package.

The installation of this projects required a Franna Crane and precision manoeuvring to get the compressor and equipment in place safely. With great teamwork this was all in place in a matter of hours.

This customer experienced no downtime as Focus industrial worked around their time restraints to perform the final connection making the installation seamless and pain free.


RDF Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
(12cfm – 777cfm)


Series Vertical Air Receiver Tanks


SB Fixed Speed Base Mount Rotary Screw Air Compressor
(UP TO 75HP)


Project Photos:

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