Finding the right Air Compressor to suit your businesses requirements is hard. Our Pneumatic Specialists will build a tailored system that meets your needs for today and the future.

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Industrial air compressors

for businesses of any size

15-55cfm (420-1560 L/min)

Piston Air Compressors offer businesses with a cost effective solution. Their size and weight makes them a moveable piece of equipment that can be transported on the back of a truck or ute. Allowing you to take your work on the road. 

Explore our range of Electric, Petrol and Diesel Piston Air Compressors

TANK MOUNTED Rotary Screw Air Compressors
15-80 cfm (610-2000 L/min)

Designed for small-medium businesses. Tank mounted Air Compressors feature integrated Refrigerated Air Dryers, keeping moisture out of your airlines protecting your equipment. Focus Pneumatics base mounted air compressor have 270L or 500L tank options that will meet your systems demand. Meeting air flow requirements is simple, Focus Pneumatic’s tank mounted air compressors provide 8,10 and 13 bar operating pressure options.

Base Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressors
15-1220cfm (610-34520 L/min)

Optimised for medium-large scale operations. Base mounted Air Compressors offer businesses a tailor made Compressed Air Solution and allows you to add accessories and components to maximise your efficiency. Focus Pneumatic’s Base Mounted Air Compressors come with either a direct drive motor for consistent pressure delivery or an Inverter Motor which offers businesses with a energy efficient solution.

Refrigerated Air Dryers
12-777 cfm (350-22000 L/min)

Eliminate moisture from your Compressed Air System with a Focus Pneumatic Refrigerated Air Dryer. The Focus Pneumatics range of Air Dryers connect directly into your existing system without the need for an electrician for all Dryers upto 671cfm. All Focus Pneumatics Refrigerated Air Dryers operate up-to 14bar making it a suitable for any system at any pressure.


with our compressed air accessories

Air Receiver Tanks

Maximize your systems potential.
Air Receiver tanks upto 5200L

Compressed Air Treatment

Remove debris, particulate and fluids with Filters, Condensate Drains and Separators.

Compressed Air Pipe & Fittings

Optimise your layout and eliminate leaks Over 1000 different options.


Our service center is based out of Western Sydney, NSW. Our experienced technicians along with our diverse range of spare parts, ensuring your compressed air system you own can be repaired or maintained with the absolute highest standard. Our technicians also operate on the road. Providing 24/7 support to any plant or operation across the East Coast.

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