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Designed for small-medium businesses, the 100% Italian manufactured tank mounted screw compressors range from 3hp in the SK range and from 5.5hp-20hp in the SB range. The SB range include a refrigerated air dryer and are mounted on 270L or 500L air receivers. This ensures the removal of moisture from the compressed air prior to entry into your compressed air system. Backed with our market leading 5 Year / 10,000h warranty on the entire combination, the SK and SB Compressor ranges are guaranteed to perform in Australian temperatures and environments. SB optional 8 bar and 13 bar conversions available.


Designed for medium-large scale operations, the 100% Italian manufactured base mounted screw compressors range from 25hp–75hp in the SB series and from 100hp – 420hp in the DCT range in both Fixed Speed and Variable Speed. These models ensure efficiency whilst producing quality compressed air. Backed by our 5 Year / 10,000h warranty, the SB base mounted air compressors are market leading when it comes to quality engineering and reliability. Our fixed speed drive options are designed to supply consistent air in even the toughest of environments whilst our inverter driven VSD range is designed to be installed in clean environments and largely reduce power consumption and increase efficiency. Optional 8 bar and 13 bar conversions available.


Our Australian Manufactured Piston Compressor range guarantees market leading reliability and durability. In electric, petrol or diesel, only the most heavy duty and tested components are utilized. Cast iron instead of the common aluminium pumps ensures the compressors can operate at 100% duty cycle if required. More cost effective than the screw compressor range, the Australian made piston compressor range is ideal for smaller operations or where a portable but reliable source of compressed air is required.


Do you suffer the common issue of moisture in your compressed air? By far the most common compressed air problem faced in the industry today, moisture in the compressed air lines can cause no end of problems for paintwork, adhesives, air tools, air receivers and often becomes a larger issue costing more and more as time goes on. The Focus RDF refrigerated air dryers are designed for the Australian climate and remove all moisture that passes through. The RDF dryers are affordable, easy to install and connect into a standard single-phase outlet making them a must have for any air compressor owner. Stocked from 12 cfm to 671cfm and backed with our warranty.


Correct air preparation and filtration will significantly increase the reliability and working life span of production machinary and equipment. Often overlooked, adequate inline filtration removes particulates, oils, excess moisture, and debris that could damage or cause failures in machinary. With the ability to filter compressed air from 40 micron all the way down to 0.01 micron and carbon elements, your equipment will guarantee a longer working life and much slower wearing of components. Filters stocked from <45cfm to 1600cfm in all element classes.


Vertical compressed air receiver tanks are essential to every compressed air system. Acting as a buffer and storage medium between the air compressor and the consumption system. The receiver tanks are designed to receive and store large volumes of air prior to the consumption demand being registered. When the demand occurs, the receiver feeds the factory whilst the compressor monitors the pressure waiting to return to the load cycle.


Compressed Air Piping Systems are utilized in every industry to feed the compressed air from the compressor through to the point of use. The system starts at the compressor, dryer, filtration, and receiver tank before entering into the factory and traveling to the point of use. Available in Maxair Poly, Unipipe Aluminium or Surepress Stainless Steel, Air Piping Systems are suitable for any budget. Many accessories for compressed air piping systems are also available, from hose reels to filter regulators, all items are in stock in our warehouse.


The Worlds Smallest Petrol Rotary Screw Compressor. The  RS1800P overcomes noise regulations, access problems and avoids extra road costs. Its small form factor and fold away handle makes maneuvering the worksite easy.

Built tough for the harsh Australian environment, able to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50°C. The low maintenance design gives you low operating costs over a long service life, providing greater value for money and effective return on investment.

Powered by Honda’s V-Twin engine delivers the RS1800 P the power to handle any job site task.


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