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Moisture in your Airlines can lead to serious damage.

The right solution is simple, cost-effective and will result in significant savings over the long term.


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Moisture in your compressed airline is a common issue, often resulting in the damaging of expensive machinery or affecting compressed air applications at the point of use. This issue can be solved simply with an RDF Refrigerated Air Dryer installed inline complimented by a pre and post-inline filter.

Focus Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • 5-Year warranty
  • Requires only 240v power supply
  • 45 degree max ambient temperature
  • 14 Bar operating pressure
  • 55-degree max inlet temperature
  • High stock levels with fast shipping
  • Easy installation and immediate effect

Consider the Benefits

Immediate Effect

From the first moment of installation, the refrigerated air dryer and filters immediately remove all moisture before air enters the reticulation system. The system may require a short time to clean out old moisture, but no further condensation will be allowed past the dryer.

240V Connection

The huge advantage of a single-phase connection is that the refrigerated air dryer can be installed almost anywhere and connected inline. There is no need to run 3-phase power cables and install new outlets, simply connect to a 240v outlet for immediate operation.

Automatic Coondensate Drain

No manual draining is required as all moisture trapped is released automatically on a timer solenoid and draining hose into the chosen capture point. The timer is adjustable to suit different requirements.

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