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SB Series Variable Speed Base Mount Air Compressor Range

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Extremely compact compressor

Special consideration has been given to the design of the compressor internal structure to ensure the minimal footprint yet full efficiency and temperature control of the series. 

The motor and the main running parts of the compressor are fixed to a unique load-bearing frame with anti-vibration elements that isolate all the running components from the rest of the structure and remain free from any fastenings to external panels of noise insulation.

Compact air-ends integrated in just one system

Manufactured with the objective of an efficient and long-lasting steady performance, all our air-ends guarantee a better air flowrate with minimum energy consumption. Equipped with wear and-tear resistant bearings and highly sophisticated machined components, these air-ends output an extremely low level of noise during their work phase and require very low maintenance costs. 

The premium quality pumping system integrated with the reservoir unit allows reduced overall dimensions whilst still ensuring the operation and output of larger footprint machines. This compact footprint is achieved by grouping together the following components: Oil-injected air-end, Minimum pressure valve, Thermostatic valve, Intake valve and reservoir oil tank.

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High performance electric motor

The electric motor used by the compressor is a PREMIUM EFFICIENCY IE3. This ensures its efficiency exceeds and is compliance with the minimum efficiency requirements (MEPS). This first-class performance guarantees energy savings over time and the best-in-class reliability of a high standard certified product.

Driving system

Direct-driven compressors with a 1:1 ratio. This means that the airend and motor, directly connected via a coupling, rotate at the same speed. 

This not only reduces energy consumption and maintenance need, but it also decreases the level of noise. The use of high efficiency motors and the possibility of adjusting the energy consumption to the actual air intake provides an over 30% yearly saving if compared to the performance of fixed speed air compressors in adequate applications.

High Performance

The convenience of a Ktronic 100 controlled touch screen

A KTRONIC 100 controlled touch screen is included on all the SB VSD series ensuring the increased performance and efficiency are easily monitored. The KTRONIC 100 makes remote monitoring of the compressor possible when a LAN connection is present. Energy savings are possible thanks to a built-in timer that allows adjustment of the working pressure around the clock. 

A log of the working state of the compressor is automatically kept providing invaluable data when optimizing the cost of compressed air. The premium quality controller and monitoring system is the only thing suitable for a premium quality SB Series Air Compressor.

System of air pre-filter and ventilation

The SB Series includes a mounted pre-filter that guarantees the protection of internal component by filtering all the machine air intake from dust, dirt, shavings and pollutants that will prematurely clog the air filter.

A high flow-rate electrical fan, almost noise-free, circulates and pushes all air flow into just one point, ensuring the right thermal balance for all the internal components.

K Screen

Remote control and connectivity

The KTRONIC 100 electronic controller can be connected to a LAN, doing so, allows monitoring and management of the compressor from a remote PC or smartphone. The USB port can be used to: export compressor’s data for in depth analysis, and to manage software updates.

Remote Control

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