Stainless Steel Piping and Fittings

The recommended piping for any compressed air system

Focus Industrial’s Stainless Steel Piping and Fittings are designed to last, backed up with a 25 year manufacturer backed product guarantee. Stainless Steel Piping offer the ultimate solution for you compressed air system. Pressure rated up to 4000kpa and able to withstand high flow rate in excess of 40m/s.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Piping

  • The recommended for any compressed air system
  • Rated for high pressure systems up to 4000kpa
  • Chemically Compatible


Stainless Steels’ self repairing passive oxide film makes it corrosion resistant. Unable to promote the growth of “biofilm” it makes bacterial development impossible providing high quality clean compressed air.

Stainless Steel is aesthetically pleasing giving your facility a sleek modern look without compromising on your compressed air quality.

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