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Are used Air Compressors a trap? Is it best to only buy new? It’s no secret that a used compressor is going to be comparatively cheaper than a new alternative. If price alone is what you look for when buying new equipment then a used machine is perfect for you.

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Buying a new piece of equipment for your business can be a daunting experience, even for the most steel nevered owners. Every new purchase carries some sort of risk be it financial, logistical or skills based.

Air Compressors are certainly not immune from this.

Typically there are two schools of thought when the time comes to upgrading or replacing your current Air Compressor; “Do I spend big on a new machine?” Or “Do I keep some cash in my pocket and look for something second hand?”

Honestly, there isn’t a single correct answer to this question, it all depends on what your needs at that moment.

Should you feel that a used machine is best for you, we’ve got some tips on what to help you on the used market!

used kaeser air compressor
Used Kaeser Air Compressor Sold By Focus Industrial

What to consider when buying a used Air Compressor

It’s no secret that a Used Air Compressor is going to be comparatively cheaper than a new alternative. If price alone is what you look for when buying equipment then a used machine is perfect for you.


However, there are some other upsides to buying a used machine instead of a brand new one. At some price points, a new machine may be of inferior quality to that of a quality second-hand machine from a reputable supplier.

Many cheaper unreliable brands will sell their new air compressors at extremely low prices, only to sting you with expensive repairs or unreliable service and maintenance.

With a quality used machine you are more likely to have a broad range of OEM or After-Market spare parts available and service technicians will be able to provide greater care for your machine.

At the right price at the right time, a used machine might be the perfect solution for budget-oriented customers.


How much air you need at any given time is something to take into consideration when shopping for a new compressor. Finding a machine that meets those needs may become harder than it seems quite quickly.

A used machine you buy today may get you through the next few months or years, but when you add on some new equipment or expand your business you may be finding yourself struggling to keep up.

Used Air Compressors can make useful backups for high demand operations that already have a newer machine installed.

Service Hours

Hours to an Air Compressors are like Kilometres on a car. The higher the hours the more work the machine has put in. Like cars though high hours isn’t always a red flag. A high-quality machine with high hours with a full-service history could still have a good life left in it.

Keep an eye out for newer machines with high hours, because of how hard they have worked in a short time, it may present some red flags when the machine comes into maturity.

That being said an older machine with low hours could be a diamond in the rough despite its age.

Operating Costs

On top of your initial investment, air compressors are going to have some significant ongoing costs.

In some cases used Air Compressors depending on their age may tilt the scales towards the higher end of these costs. Important things to factor in when looking into a Used Air Compressor are age, servicing, spare parts and electrical cost.

Older machines may be built with outdated inefficient electronics that can chew through electricity costing you more than expected. Along with the electrical costs, older machines may be prone to air or oil leaks which can cost you significantly in repairs and efficiency.

Often the money saved on buying used can offset some of these costs in the short term.

But as the machine ages, the cost can begin to stack up.


The real deal-breaker for buying a Used Air Compressor is the restricted warranty terms.

With a brand new machine, you know that you are at the beginning of a 2,3 or 5-year guarantee.

Used machines almost always have a limited warranty set by the manufacturer or reseller, limiting your options.

However Used equipment sellers like Focus Industrial guarantee their used Air compressors for up to 2 years from the date of sale. Making a used Air compressor an attractive short term solution.

Beware that not every reseller will offer refreshed warranty terms or even honor the existing terms provided by the manufacturer. Just make sure you do your research before purchasing.


Used machines offer businesses a lower point of entry when purchasing an Air Compressor. But buying used over new isn’t without its risks and certainly isn’t ideal for everyone.

By understanding the risks and preparing yourself with some quality research you will be able to make the right decision for your business.

Focus Industrial’s warranty, spare parts and service specialists guarantee only the best Used Machines for your business.

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