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How to Increase Your Air Compressors Efficiency

Reducing your compression temperature 6 degrees can yield an energy saving of up to 3.8%

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If you’re working in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive, or one of the many other industries that rely on compressed air. Let’s face it hard to deny the increased up-time, efficiency and reliability that a compressed air system has to offer.

However, an inefficient system may be causing leaks in your business and I’m not just talking about air leaks. Compressed air is one of the most energy demanding resources that your business depends on. Below are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your air system.

Check For Leaks

Leaking hoses contribute can up to a 30% loss in your compressors output, drastically increasing your cost of operation. Organising an audit on your airline system can yield huge savings, and help restore your compressors efficiency.

Optimise Your Pipe Layout

Good compressed air reticulation is the “other half” of an efficient and effective compressed air system. A poorly designed pipe layout can result in pressure losses and contamination leading to unreliable equipment operation. In addition, the compressor may have to work “overtime” to try to compensate for these conditions, resulting in excessive energy bills.

Cool Down And Dry Your Air!

Hot air takes much more energy to compress and holds more moisture than cold air, reducing your compression temperature 6 degrees can yield an energy saving of up to 3.8%, Pneutech’s F series of air dryers fit into most existing air systems and will start to deliver immediate results. 

Switch Over To A Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Unlike traditional fixed speed compressors, a variable speed compressor give you the same performance with 35% less energy consumption* when compared to a fixed speed compressor.

A VSD system can match the air flow to the workload allowing you to maximise your efficiency for every job. Pnuetech’s range of VSD Compressors can supercharge your energy savings and fast track your ROI, with less idle time between jobs.

*VSD is not suitable for operations that require 100% load 100% of the time.  

Check out the Pneutech Group Australia’s website to see more on how we can maximise the potential of your Compressed Air System!

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