Image of Blue Pneutech 1600Kpa Polyethylene Compressed Air Piping

Polyethylene Piping and Fittings

Lightweight and long lasting piping for your workshop. 

Quick, Clean, Simple Installation- With Focus Pneumatic’s range of Polyethylene (PE) Piping and Fittings, installing or expanding your compressed air system couldn’t be easier.

Benefits of Polyethylene Piping

  • Polyethylene is non corrosive, promoting long service life
  • Smooth interior surface encourages laminar flow
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and install
  • Polyethylene can be glued allowing for easy installation
  • Socket fusion, Electrofusion and Compression Fitting reduce installation time and costs


Polyethylene doesn’t require specialist tools or techniques, allowing for installations to be 2-5 times faster compared to “traditional materials”.
Polyethylene is chemically inert and AS2070.1 compliant making it suitable for food and health care applications. 

Focus Pneumatics’s Polyethylene Piping and Fittings are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS4130 of 16bar (235 psi) @ 20°C making it an extremely robust solution for your operation

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