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Reduce your Energy Costs & Carbon Footprint with your Compressed Air!

Focus Industrial specialises in working with companies that use Compressed Air to significantly reduce their Carbon Footprint & Energy Costs.

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Did you know Industrial Compressors Consume:
10% of Global Industrial Electricity or 5% of Total World Electricity

Through industry leading technology we have saved customers up to 45% of Compressed air carbon emissions and power costs!

If reducing your Carbon Emissions and Power Costs is of value to your organization, its highly likely that you are one or both below points: 

  • You genuinely care about the environment and reducing your companies carbon emissions.
  • Reducing your companies’ operational energy costs. 

The Environmental & cost savings?

What is often overlooked is the cost to run compressed air. Compressed air with a standard fixed speed compressor costs on average $500 / hp each year. This means if you run a 100hp fixed speed compressor in your operation this could be costing you $50,000 / year in power costs!

By replacing aged, inefficient, and incorrectly sized Compressors with more efficient, correctly sized new technology compressors, we can save up to 45% of the power costs of your compressed air. In the above example this would be a $22,500 saving in power costs!

The Benefits to Your Company

Carbon footprint reduction 

With the emphasis on emission reductions, for any company that uses compressed air, this is one of the vital and relatively cost-effective ways to reduce your carbon emissions.

Energy savings

Affordable power is paramount to any manufacturer or processor. If you can save 5% with a relatively simple Technological upgrade to your compressed air system, this is a saving worth investing in.


Return on investment between 2 and 4 years! With energy costs increasing considerably of recent the ROI has reduced even further.

Staff Retention

Studies have proved that organisations have proven better staff retention by showing they care about reducing carbon emissions. This can be proven through a federal carbon reduction audit.

Attract Better Talent

If your company is seen to be climate caring and serious about the environment you are guaranteed to attract better talent to your organisation.

Focus industrial also offer energy audits which also look at overall system efficiency including the compressed air piping reticulation system, filtration, and storage to ensure your company is running the most efficient compressed air system possible.

The Focus Industrial Process

For a successful implementation of a compressed air upgrade, Focus Industrial has established a process map outlining how we work with our clients to find the most efficient solution and implement this to their facilities to begin their Compressed Air carbon emission reduction and energy saving journey.

To discuss your requirements and learn how we could work with your company, reach out to one of our team at Focus Industrial to start your journey!

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